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Get What You Get
Gumball Machine

Ready to take a walk on the wild side? Here's how it works:  Insert a quarter, turn the knob and receive a random tattoo design.


** The 2 choices available now are colour trad for $200 and black and grey trad for $150. Each design will be between 3-5”. Perfect for those who can’t decide on what they want or are working with a budget. 

Tattoo Roulette 

Welcome to Tattoo Roulette!  

Spin the wheel and see where fate takes you.  How to play:  Spin the wheel, whatever number it lands on, you get to choose a tattoo from that same number square on our flash board.  There are approximately 7+ designs in each numbered square to choose from.  

We've upped the stakes with a new deal!!  Now get 2 tattoos for the price of 1. you can now choose 2 tattoos from the number you landed on. *can only be used for 1 person 


Spins cost $100 and a respin is $20.  

Let the games begin!!

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