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  • Are there medical or physical conditions that would prevent me from getting tattooed at Ink Noir?
    Yes. We have to consider the most extreme possibilities when we decide to tattoo someone or not for everyone’s safety. There is always a chance of infection any time the skin is opened. Because of this we have policies to not tattoo people who are pregnant, breast feeding, have severe acne on the intended tattoo site, have heart conditions or are hemophiliacs.
  • Are there any tattoos that you won’t do?
    Yes, we reserve the right to refuse service to anyone. We will not tattoo images that offend us personally. These include but are not limited to racially bigoted designs and sexist designs. We will not do gang related designs.
  • Can you tattoo on scars?
    This depends on if the scar is still healing. If it is, then it’s a good idea to wait until it is healed. Scars can take a long time to heal if they are deep. Tattoos should not change the texture of the skin so covering up a scar with a tattoo doesn’t mean you won’t still see it. The only way to know for sure is to set up a consultation appointment and let us take a look at your scar. We should be able to tell you at that point if it’s a good idea or not.
  • How much does it cost?
    We have a $125 shop minimum and charge $125+ an hour depending on the artist. (Federal and provincial sales tax extra) We will often require a consultation appointment for tattoos. During this appointment, details of the tattoo are discussed so that you can show us what you have in mind, and then we can determine together what the best plan for you is. Consultations are free. Tipping your tattoo artist is normal but varies according to the client. Some people tip based on a percentage and some people tip a flat rate at each appointment. The artists here only take home a percentage of what they charge for the tattoo so it’s a wonderful show of appreciation and we are very grateful for it.
  • What happens if I cannot make my appointment?
    We have a 72 hour cancellation policy. If you miss your appointment without proper notification to your artist a minimum of 72 hours prior to your appointment, you will forfeit your deposit. If you require another appointment, an additional deposit must be left. If you make a habit of being late or cancelling your appointments we may cancel future bookings or ask you to prepay for each session. Please do not make appointments that you are unsure you can keep. Being late for your appointment may constitute a no show and will be at your artist's discretion. Please always contact your artist if you are to be late.
  • Is there anything I need to do to prepare for my appointment?
    Yes, we ask that you please shave the area to be tattooed (if it is in an area that this is possible). Preferably just before your appointment or at least the day before. Also please make sure that you eat properly before your appointment, low blood sugar and tattooing don't mix well. Bring a snack and come well rested. Please come to your appointment showered and clean!
  • Do I need to have a deposit when I make a tattoo appointment?
    Yes, a minimum deposit of 1 hour at your artist's hourly rate is required for tattoo sessions. Deposits are deducted from the total cost of your tattoo sitting. If it will take multiple appointments to finish the piece, the deposit will be deducted from the final sitting. A deposit must be collected prior to an artist scheduling any appointments for tattoo work. All deposits are NON REFUNDABLE - No exceptions. Please note the artists will not start any drawing for designs until a deposit is paid.
  • When can I expect to see my tattoo design?
    Designs are typically sent out for approval 2 to 7 days prior to your appointment. There are exceptions to that rule. Occasionally, based on the artist and their work load, it can go out the day before. Artists will make sure you are 100% happy and make changes necessary before the tattoo appointment.


To secure a tattoo appointment, we require a non-refundable deposit of $100. This is to ensure that your appointment will be held for you. The deposit will be deducted from the price of the tattoo on your appointment day or on the last session if it is a multiple session piece.  In addition we charge a $20 - $60 design fee (depending on the size of the piece) that does not get deducted from the the price of the tattoo.  This is to compensate the artist for their time to create the customized sketch for your tattoo.

Please give us at least 72 hours notice for cancellations so that we may attempt to schedule another client.  

If the artist draws a design for you and you decide to change the subject matter of the tattoo then the design fee will pay for their time doing the drawings for the original subject. Additionally, if there are more than 3 changes or adjustments made to the drawing they may need a new design fee so that they are fairly compensated for their drawing time. Your artist will inform you of the additional charges according to the situation.

If for some reason you are unable to give us 72 hours notice, or simply don’t show up, we will absorb the deposit to cover the time that was set aside for you. At this point we would need another deposit to set up another appointment time. This includes appointments where the client is so late that they need to be rescheduled.



Do not drink alcohol within 24 hours prior to your appointment. Alcohol consumption can lead to excessive bleeding, swelling and increased pain during your tattoo.

Drink plenty of water. Get a good nights sleep. Eat a good meal within 5 hours of your appointment.

If you have a long sitting, it may be a good idea to bring a pillow and even a light blanket.

Do not take acetaminophen or ibuprofen before your appointment, it can lead to excessive bleeding during your tattoo and increase the chance of fainting.

You can bring 1 friend to your tattoo appointment.  Consult your tattoo artist if you wish to bring more or if children under the age of 16 will be present 



Leave your bandage on as long as recommended by your artist  (minimum of 2 hours.) 

When that time is up, wash your hands and remove your bandage, shower and gently rub the area with a mild soap until the water runs clear.

Pat (do not rub) the tattoo and surrounding area dry with a clean towel.

Wait until completely dry before applying a water based unscented lotion.  Check with your artist for recommendations. 

Re-apply lotion as needed.

Do not expose your new tattoo to direct sunlight or submerge it in water for 2 weeks after your procedure.

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